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Instagram Blocks PRO

Loading media into your WordPress posts and pages has never been easier.

InBlocks presents a versatile collection of native and customizable WordPress blocks designed specifically for Instagram. Easily integrate various media types into your posts or pages with seamless embedding.

InBlocks facilitates the seamless integration of Instagram media directly onto your blog, offering a convenient way to showcase and utilize content from your Instagram feed.

Usage and Limitations

Instagram blocks closely mimic the structure of existing built-in blocks, ensuring a smooth experience for regular block editor users. Upon activating the plugin, authentication with Instagram is conveniently accessible on the Instagram settings page.

To swiftly locate and load Instagram blocks, simply type /inblocks or click the + icon, scrolling down to find InstaBlocks. The plugin provides three distinct blocks for Image, Gallery, and Video posts.

For greater flexibility, the option to manually Insert from the URL is available, enabling the addition of any Instagram post, not limited to your feed.

To prevent potential issues with the Instagram API, a limit of 200 requests per hour has been set. While this should be sufficient for most users, exceeding the limit requires waiting until the hour concludes before using the plugin again. Each Load Media, Next Page navigation, or Instagram API authentication triggers a request, with the plugin notifying you of the number of requests made during the current hour.

Further customization options are available in the Instagram Blocks controls on the sidebar and the block editor.

You can adjust the width, height, border style, width, radius & color, alignment, or box shadow to tailor your Instagram embeds to your preferences. Additionally, you have controls for the heading and Instagram caption text.

Moreover, we have included all available WordPress built-in custom controls that will additionally help you customize the block.


Instagram Blocks is a WordPress plugin designed for effortless embedding of Instagram media directly within the Block Editor. Ideal for food bloggers and beyond, it offers three main blocks accessible within the Block Editor.

  1. Image: Embed a single image post type.
  2. Gallery: Showcase a gallery post with multiple images or videos.
  3. Video: Embed a single short video post type.

Additionally, the Instagram Blocks custom and built-in controls allow further customization of each embed, providing control over width, height, border width & radius, alignment, and box-shadow.

While limited to using a single Instagram account, the plugin’s flexibility extends to adding Instagram media from any account through the Insert from URL feature.

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled